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Architectural Installations by Tim Nurnberg

Tim Nurnberg is originally from Litchfield, and has been working in Litchfield County since 1985. Tim's work has been featured in the Westchester Home and Garden Magazine Spring 2006 issue. Architectural Installations offers quality without compromise. With 24 years of experience in all phases of home remodeling and restoration, we can say that with the utmost of confidence!

"At Architectural Installations, I specialize in the art of building perfection. I take great pride in my craftsmanship, cleanliness, and attention to detail. I will deliver the highest quality in materials and design to your project." -- Tim

24 years of experience in all phases of remodeling and restoration

The Finest Materials & Workmanship

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At Architectural Installations, we work with you and customize each project to your specifications. Simply put, we let you build your dream...

Quality Craftsmanship without Compromise